Sue Stone's Motivational Book

Sue's Amazing Motivational Book,

'Love Life, Live Life'

If you feel your life has ever hit rock bottom then Sue Stone’s book will resonate with you. In the late 1990’s that is exactly where Sue’s life had plummeted to, both emotionally and financially and Sue discovered what it was like to be on the verge of losing everything. She was heavily in debt, had no income, the bank about to repossess her home and 3 young children to bring up alone.
During these times it is very difficult to know where to turn next but in utter desperation Sue set about researching ways to improve her life, she just knew that rock bottom was not where she wanted to remain.
As Sue scoured the self-help section of the local book shop she discovered the incredible influence of how our thoughts, our subconscious mind and the astonishing power of our feelings affect our lives. As a result of what she learnt, Sue transformed her life to one of complete happiness, inner peace and abundance, a far cry from her state of desperation.
In this inspiring, easy to read and practical book, Sue educates, empowers and motivates you by sharing all that she has learned. She includes solid content, practical life transforming tips and techniques that you can put to use immediately at home and at work.

What People Have To Say...

"I have just read your book and am about to read it again - I'm amazed at how quickly I have had results from using the techniques and ideas you describe - but not only that, the results themselves have been totally astonishing, and in some cases, quite profound! Your book contains everything that I already 'knew' in theory, condensed into a sensible and useable format - thank goodness!! I wonder if you are able to come into my organisation and do a talk and some one to one sessions....." K. A. Murray, Pembrokeshire


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