Michelle Locke

michelle locke

BOURNEMOUTH, DORSET Michelle is a positive mind and empowerment coach and motivational speaker.  She is married with two teenage daughters .

Aswell as a positive mind coach,She has also been a slimming world consultant for the past 13 years helping hundreds of people to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams. 

Michelle has  been through many challenges in her life including bereavements, financial struggles, weight and confidence issues, and by far the toughest of all was when one of her daughters was seriously ill for 3 years. 

By changing her thoughts and using all the tools She had been handed, she was able to completely love life again and be the happy, positive person she is today.

Michelle has always been very passionate about helping other people to change their lives ,live the life of their dreams and believe in themselves.  Michelle has helped many people to change their lives around with her 1-1 coaching and events that she has ran.

She is available for private 1-1s, Skype and phone chats, and events.