Claudia Eades

claudia eades
DORSET   Claudia Eades has over 15 years of experience as a Nurse, Holistic Therapist and Energy Healer.
She has found her true calling in teaching Angelic Healing and giving inspirational talks to groups of people from all backgrounds.
As a sensitive child living in strict Roman Catholic Chile, Claudia had to learn to discern between her own feelings and beliefs and those of the adults around her. This helped her develop a deep sense of her inner being and following her own guidance. This was put to the test when she moved to Argentina and was bullied at school aged 9, which interestingly resulted in a greater sense of strength and the freedom to do what she thinks it's right without worrying about what other people think, including her beloved but sometimes misguided parents. Destined to be an unusual teenager, she became an unsolicited natural leader in high school as she had such a strong sense of Integrity and Truth and due her love for teaching biology to her fellow students just before the tests and exams.
Whilst on holiday in the UK, aged 15, she had a vision that she was going to live in England. Although, this seemed impossible and even radical at the time, it came about after the particularly difficult separation of her parents. Starting from nothing was a slow progress but a definite step in the right direction and a good transition into adulthood and independence.
Two of her greatest blessings came very close together when she was accepted for Nurse training at Southampton University and shortly after becoming a volunteer 5 point detox acupuncturist for the local Drug & Alcohol counselling centre. This meant that she was open to pursue her growing interest in complementary therapies alongside her nurse training. She studied many techniques ranging from massage therapies to Reiki, Colour Healing and later Angelic Healing. Teaching soon became her favourite thing to do both in her Nursing and as a Spiritual Healing Teacher. She is passionate about looking for simplicity and sharing it with others.
Claudia believes that we can choose to have a smoother easier life despite our 'story'. Her purpose is to inspire others to live Richer, Healthier and Happier lives.
She lives a happy simple life in Dorset with her husband and child.
Please contact Claudia for more information and to book a session:     07882448304
or visit her website