James Freeman

james freeman
Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire. James Freeman is an experienced Empowerment Coach, Public Speaker and Reiki Master-Teacher who embodies the principles of his coaching, employing them throughout his daily life. Some years ago, his life came crashing down around him, and facing a failed marriage, the looming threat of bankruptcy, and the prospect of life as a working single father to a son with Autism, he decided that something had to change. Having achieved the clarity that carrying on as he always had, looking to blame everyone and everything around him for whatever was "wrong" in his world, he set off on a new path to discover himself and turn his life around.

That journey lead him into the world of coaching and Reiki Healing, and he was blessed to become accredited as a Sue Stone Foundation coach. All the techniques that James has learnt, and continue to learn, are actively employed daily to improve the lives of those around him. He can confidently say he has turned his life around using the tools and techniques he employs in his coaching.

James specialises in two areas. First and foremost is the support of his family, and James believes passionately that for children to have the best possible opportunities in life, their parents must be empowered and positive. Doctors told him that his own son would never walk, and may never speak. Not prepared to accept this reality, he set about empowering himself and his son and now is proud to say that his son walk everywhere, and is constantly talking and verbally empowered.

In addition to family life, James has spent over 20 years working in the corporate sector, holding a variety of influential roles in the technology industry. Having worked for both large multi-nationals and small businesses, he has a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience that he uses in his coaching of Executives and in Corporate settings to empower businesses and their staff to increase productivity and improve working environments and staff morale.

James sees his greatest gifts in coaching as his ability to work intuitively, to empathise, and talk from first-hand experience. He actively utilises those gifts at every given opportunity to empower others. 

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