Di Mclanachan

di mclanachan
HAVANT, PORTSMOUTH Di is an international personal development trainer, Life & Executive Master Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP and Managing Director of Learning Curves Personal Development Ltd.  She has been a fully qualified coach since 2000 and became an accredited Sue Stone Foundation coach in 2012.
She is the best-selling author of ‘NLP for Business Excellence’, and has also written ‘Successful Customer Care in a Week’ and ‘Influence and Persuasion in a Week’. Di is often featured in newspapers and magazines, and has appeared on BBC prime time Television. In addition, she was the pioneer of live, phone-in coaching on BBC Radio and is in much demand as a motivational and keynote speaker.
Di is passionate about helping others to be the very best that they can be.  Her ethos is that everyone has an inner potential for excellence and she delights in being able to play a part in others’ personal transformations.  She works with groups as well as with individuals, and specialises in one-to-one VIP days where life-changing breakthroughs are often achieved.
Di first became interested in how people sabotage themselves as a result of being married to a man who developed a severe personality disorder.  She likens the experience to living with someone who was possessed by unpredictable, destructive demons.  The marriage became intolerable and eventually ended in divorce in 2001.  In 2009, the demons finally won and took Ian from self sabotage to self destruct with his suicide in September of that year.
Di’s mission now is to increase people’s awareness of their own self sabotage patterns, and in so doing, empower them to make positive changes, ‘get out of their own way’ and avoid self destruct.  Her innovative ‘inner pendulum’ principles and techniques are highly effective, light-hearted and transformational and of course, she also uses Sue Stone’s proven techniques for personal success.
Di is based in Havant, Hampshire (UK) and can be contacted on +44(0)2392 473699.  
Her e-mail address is  and her two websites are and