Vanessa Cooper

vanessa cooper
SOMERSET. Vanessa started personal development 10 years ago after freeing herself and young son from an unhappy home life. Losing three relatives and becoming a lone parent breadwinner, she remembers the time as scary but life changing.
She’d always been a happy person but lost her personality in the constraints of a loveless marriage. Left to sort out the home, finances and future she knew she had to take stock of her life.
Her circumstances made her determined to help others in similar situations and this became her drive and ambition. She set out to attend courses that would help both herself and others in the future.
Bereavement training and qualifying in counselling skills gave understanding of loss, but she wanted  to move forward from the past and be happy again. Discovering Thought Behaviour Change at College was her turning point.
Through Feel the Fear and Women of Courage courses she found NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) and this changed everything.
Her then sales and business management job was fulfilling but the corporate world was a stressed environment. She changed career to mentor people in self empowerment and this fuelled her desire and true passion.
After qualifying as an accredited Life Coach she left an unhappy job to open The NES Factor in 2009 enabling people to manage situations and find happiness.
Vanessa first saw Sue in The Secret Millionaire. She loved her endorsement of wellbeing and happiness through positive living. She met Sue at her money workshop and it was clear they shared the same philosophy.
It was amazing to meet a business woman with a larger than life loving persona proving you can be successful, by running a “business from the heart”.
When The Sue Stone Foundation was created with Sue firmly and competently at the helm, Vanessa knew she wanted to be part of it. She became an Accredited Sue Stone Coach after training personally with Sue in May 2012. Tel 07866 450319