Wendy Harrington

wendy harrington

WEST PARLEY Wendy aka The Relationship Coach originates from London and now lives a wonderful life in her beautiful home in West Parley in Dorset, just down the road from Sue Stone, who she is proud to call her Mentor and a dear friend. She lives with her partner, two children of her own, four Stepchildren and a whole cluster of animals from horses to chickens.

Wendy has been through many of life’s traumas; her father walked out when she was 11 and she has hardly seen him since, she was married to an abusive alcoholic and later was diagnosed with cancer at 29. She then got married for a second time and her then husband walked out leaving her with both children and financial crisis!

Wendy trained as a Spiritual Medium and Healer and has worked extensively in the media sharing her inspirational story of life after cancer. Wendy set up a Local social group for younger women with Breast Cancer and went on to found the Younger Women’s Forum with Breast Cancer Care. She is totally committed to Positive Living, Visualisation and the Laws of Attraction. “It gives me so much happiness and total trust in my life now and in the future, I will never live any other way!”

“My life is amazing and I look forward to every day that comes, showing others how incredibly powerful they are and how much they can achieve has to be the best job in the World!”

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