Anne Yates

anne yates


NANTWICH, CHESHIRE Anne aka the Love Coach believes that we ourselves are responsible for whatever outcomes we experience in our lives. If we can begin to understand that we are the producer of our own reality, we can learn to consciously change our lives for the better and to lead full and happy lives.

Her own journey has taken her far and wide, from working overseas for high profile individuals as a Personal Assistant to training as a Well-Being Facilitator with the local County Council. After getting married in 1985, Anne focused all her attention on bringing up two wonderful children. But then in 2005, Anne’s father tried to commit suicide and six months later died of cancer. Anne continued to juggle her life but when other problems in her personal life began to surface as well, she just fell off the tightrope she was walking and ended up with agoraphobia. She couldn’t even cross from her own drive to the pavement outside her house without having a chronic panic attack.

Having been brought up in a household where her mother was always looking for the holistic approach to everything, Anne decided to go down that route as opposed to the more established routes.   She began studies in EFT, then later NLP and Reiki and, as a result she learned that by combining these techniques, she was able to change her whole life around.  She is now truly passionate about sharing with others how she has achieved this so that they too can turn their own lives around.

Today Anne runs a successful coaching and EFT training business and loves being a Sue Stone Accredited Coach.  She finds motivation and joy in every aspect of her life. She is still learning lessons in life, but she knows she is in such a better place now that she has a wonderful array of tools and techniques to help her always move forward in her life and never stays stuck.

She has learned so much and she practises everything she teaches in her daily life. She just simply lets go of her fears and she can teach you to do the same.    07969 604047