Tabora Green

tabora green

EDINBURGH and BORDERS Tabora Green is an accomplished Life Coach and an accredited healer in multiple disciplines including Reiki (to Master Level), Energy Healing, NLP, EFT, and PSYCH-K. Tabora was sure life was not meant to be so complicated and painful as many of us tend to find it, yet some people achieved happy abundant lives. Building confidence and happiness in her life became her goal as she explored many forms of healing, energy work and personal development, by reading books and taking courses. Feeling a strong inner drive to help people and animals Tabora trained in healing with the Healing Trust, Reiki (to Master level), NLP, Meditation, and Shiatsu. Tabora took a course in PSYCH-K® (a simple technique to free your subconscious mind of negative beliefs), and then finally found the confidence to speak up in public.

As Tabora worked diligently on building her self-esteem with PSYCH-K® and with the ideas and techniques outlined in Sue Stone’s book ‘Love life, live life’ the harmony, happiness and purpose she craved became established in her life.

Friends and family noticed the change in Tabora and started asking for her help in transforming their lives too. Tabora’s vocation is now to go out into the world and make a difference by helping and empowering others to achieve happiness, harmony and success in their lives.    07890 573182